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Graystone Construction

Graystone Construction. A Residential and Commercial General Contractor based in North Texas.

With decades of experience and industry knowledge of every aspect of the residential and commercial construction process, we deliver on-time and on-budget solutions. Our strong relationships with various municipalities allow us to advise you on the most efficient permit and CD application processes to keep your project moving. Every construction project we take on builds a relationship for a lifetime. From the moment you contact us, we focus on meeting your needs and what is most important to you and the project.

EMC Design was tasked with developing a bold, distinctive, memorable brand and collateral package with ID, brochure, and website. For a construction company with integrity and reputation as its foundational pillars, we provided design and messaging to support solid, bold qualities and a stylish and distinct character.

From the round corner, soft touch, and gloss spot-raised print, to the clean and sophisticated website, EMC worked to create each piece as a tribute to quality and craft. As all companies deal with impressions, and most significantly first impressions, Graystone wanted to ensure that quality started at the transfer of a business card, website visit, and the ease of access customers could reach them when and how they wanted. With QR codes, web automation, forms, and follow-up tasks, Graystone provides unmatched service for the construction trade.

"Integrity. Character. Dedication. Quality Delivered." Ivan Garcia, Owner

View the project on EMC website here.

To contact Graystone Construction, visit their website,

For estimates, service calls, or more information, please call: 214.761.3461


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