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SDSBA Annual Report

Excellent design communication provides measurable results for non-profits.

ABOUT The San Diego Southern Baptist Association (SDSBA) is a ministry organized to serve local San Diego and Tijuana Southern Baptist churches and help them share the good news of God’s redeeming love with their communities more effectively.

WHAT In general, many companies, not just non-profits, see the design and sophisticated communications as an expense rather than an investment. Many non-profits have to rely on "volunteer" service for design and communication needs - yet the most significant part of non-profits with a mission is to communicate powerfully!

"We don't want to look like we are spending money with design and materials that convey the wrong message." (general quote - non-profits, government agencies, etc.) Our board or constituents will react negatively...??? WHAT?

"Design is the intermediary between information and understanding." -- Hans Hoffman

EMC Design partnered with SDSBA to review the historical information and communication plans, materials, and presentations to cost-effectively reimagine a complete strategy to communicate the importance of year-end details, finances, and next year's goals.


EMC provided a complete revision to the annual report program. From cover to cover, charts, infographics, maps, plans, and financial data turned into an entire print, online, and event presentation. EMC built and utilized a weekly email program for registering, reminders and boosting participation efforts. By completing the following year's templates and resources, EMC has empowered SDSBA to do more in-house and self-sufficient for even greater results.

Check out the event pictures here! A completely full and successful annual meeting that has changed lives, empowered even more giving and service to local communities


To contact SDSBA and learn more about their giving and life-changing services, visit their website,

To learn how EMC can partner with your non-profit and provide communication solutions, email


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