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SCAG. Shaping the Future for SoCal communities. Change Happens.

What is SCAG? Southern California Association of Governments. An association of local governments and agencies that voluntarily convene as a forum to address regional issues.

Every four years, the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) updates its visionary plan for the future of the region, Connect SoCal. The strategies outlined in this plan affect how everyone in Southern California lives, works and plays.

EMC Design is proud to support and help promote change and benefits to the Southern California region. Partnering with Peacock Sinning PR, a host of incredible and talented filmmakers, and web and media members, EMC has helped craft many community outreach materials to reach local homeowners and engage them to drive change in the region.

The region is six counties deep with various needs, goals, and perceptions, not to mention crafting materials in five languages. (Korean sample here) The program's main pillars are to help communities thrive regarding mobility, housing, economy, and the environment. Check out the program at and get engaged if you are in the SoCal region.

Community Outreach animated videos. 1 of 6 designed and prepared by EMC.

A full range of design and production services was provided to help support the monumental 2023 community engagement effort. The SCAG team comprised an excellent partnership to connect via:

  • Website

  • Online surveys

  • Local outreach programs/Live presentations

  • Web ads/SEM

  • Social media ads

  • Newsprint ads

  • Billboards

  • Public transportation advertising

  • And much more

Public presentation display here. A meeting spot where materials and team connect with locals to share and discuss the details of Connect SoCal.



Founded in 1988, EMC Design is a recognized graphic design studio based in Dallas/Fort Worth, versed in all aspects of the brand design landscape. Specializing in corporate/brand identity, web development, online advertising, print collateral, architectural visualization, and packaging, we are solely focused on creating effective unique solutions for a wide range of clients.


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