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The Website with a Perfect Fit, Budget, and Delivery.

GMU Engineers and Geologists embarked on a journey to revamp their corporate style, message, and brand to place them at the top of their game. As a 50-year-plus firm and growing as a premier engineering firm in Orange County, California, they connected with EMC Design to provide insight and a strategy to propel them another 50 years.

Greg Silver, Principal, President/CEO, worked directly with EMC's creative director to hone and craft a new identity, collateral, and website that would allow GMU to support their marketing efforts, change peer perception, and provide a new platform to communicate and showcase their significant engineering services.

From a new logo design, stationery package, QR code system, corporate marketing materials, and a website they could now own and operate, EMC significantly boosted brand development, client communication, and visibility for the GMU team.

GMU currently has moved to a larger facility in Santa Margarita, California, to support its growth and comprehensive services.

"Investing in a professionally designed and produced website was a game-changer for our business and brand. Quality communication and brand are essential to our clients, it aligns with the quality of our team (work)".

It has provided a platform to showcase our projects and services, share our story and mission, and connect socially with our clients, potential clients, and industry. We are excited to grow and see where the next 50 years take us.

Visit the GMU website at



Founded in 1988, EMC Design is a recognized graphic design studio based in Dallas/Fort Worth, versed in all aspects of the brand design landscape. Specializing in corporate/brand identity, web development, online advertising, print collateral, architectural visualization, and packaging, we are solely focused on creating effective unique solutions for a wide range of clients.



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